A Christmas Card To Dorothea

Having attended two of the largest art schools in the US it surprised me to realize that I was never introduced to the work of Dorothea Tanning. She was making work around the time of the surrealists and married to well known artist Max Ernst. Her soft sculptures are phenomenal. It's sad to find amazing women artists that are not given the attention they are due. Her foundation was very nice and gave me her address so I sent her a card with a letter expressing how valuable she is to me and to my development. She is around 98 yrs old now, but her writing is still very spirited and her words are bold. I relate to her interest in her interior world and her self aware statements: "I've always been perverse". Pictured is a piece she made of her and her dog with a dog's head collaged on to her body.

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  1. Thank you for your never ending curiosity- and for sharing this!