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Dash's studio at UCLA with Hall + Graves. Pictures taken with Photo Booth Classic.


Beck - Youthless

I can't get this video to embed at the moment. Blogger. Pfft.
Here's the link Beck-Youthless

Thing theory + Fernand Léger

Thing theory posted an article about Early film and objects and how cinema has an ability to enliven the normally lifeless, material objects of our everyday world. Leger: “I used the close-up, which is the only cinematographic invention. Fragments of objects were also useful; by isolating a thing you give it a personality.”

Invisible visibles

Rachel Whiteread has a show at the Hammer which of course makes me think of Bruce Nauman. It interests me how just one of his ideas: "A Cast of the Space under My Chair" (pictured above) could help fuel Rachel Whiteread's ambitious art practice see "House" a concrete cast of the interior of a victorian house.


Guy de Cointet

The image is of an installation by Guy de Cointet. I recognize some props from documentation of his past performances. He is cited as a big influence on LA artists. Wish I could have seen his performances.
performance stills


Buckminster Fuller

I saw the Whitney show last year on Buckminster Fuller he was so far ahead of his time addressing ideas we are addressing now in terms of sustainability and resources. I also like his ideas of the non-drudgery house with less angles that you have to clean.
Video discussing his work here.
Illustration made in 1958 by Maraja. More posted via Illustrated in Full Color Throughout
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Carson Ellis makes nice drawings..



The Bauhaus philosophy was that art was not something that could be taught. I am also interested in their ideas about physical exercise and how it was integrated into their art-making process. They would dedicate an entire full day a week to exercise. Some say it was to establish physical readiness which makes creative work possible. They believed the training of the body as an instrument of the mind is of great importance to a creative person.
Design and form discusses these topics further.
The image: Eugen Batz from MoMA's exhibition Bauhaus 1919-1933: workshops for modernity


It is a little hard to see, but these are soccer balls covered in fabric. They are really beautiful. Made by Klas Ernflo
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What Type Are You?

This is a hilarious application from Pentegram that tells you what type face that you are. It asks you three questions and then tells you about your personality as a typeface. Apparently I am Cooper Black Italic. If anyone reads this post please play it and tell me what type you are! The password is character. I also want to note that the subliminal messaging going on with the wooden hand in the background (see orange arrow) is not lost on me.
Link to application
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The Book Cover Archive

I am really obsessed with The Book Cover Archive. I love looking at book covers together in a collection. Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas De Quincey, Forgetting Things by Sigmund Freud and Censoring an Iranian Love Story by Shahriar Mandanipour are pictured above.


This is a bit dorky, but this is my favorite iphone app. I play it while I am waiting in line at the post office or while I wait for a movie to start. There are over 600 fonts and 3 levels of difficulty. The Font Game.
H ave you heard of Jessica Hische yet? See link to her project Daily Drop Cap. Hische designs a new initial everyday and shares the code so everyone can enjoy her work. I used her letter H here at the beginning of this post. Thanks Jessica!


Eija-Liisa Ahtila love

Eija-Liisa Ahtila is a Finnish artist and the image of the woman flying is a still from her video "The House".

Tea shirts

This tea would definitely get me up in the morning. A clever concept design for teabags by Soon Mo Kang. The little hanger hangs on the rim of your tea cup..what could be better? My only observation is that maybe Tea Shirts is a better product name?
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